Heidelberg University
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Forms and Information about registration

Important forms for registration at Heidelberg University.

Students who have successfully applied for a scholarship through the web registration procedure will be explicitly requested at a later stage to complete the following forms and send them to the Central Office of the Graduate School.

Students at Heidelberg University may submit their application directly to the Central Office using the forms appended to this page. All of the relevant documents must be printed out, signed and brought to the Central Office of the Graduate School, together with certified copies of all certificates, including the secondary school certificate and bachelor, master or diploma certificates. Please submit certified translations into English or German, if the certificate has been issued in a foreign language. Note that in addition to certificates, all transcripts of records in original form or as certified copied must be supplied.

Information on the organization of doctoral studies

Agreement on doctoral studies and application for admission as a doctoral student at the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Requirements for astronomy candidates

Registration forms for the University

Registration form for German candidates

Registration form for candidates from other countries