Heidelberg University

Graduate Students

Course Information for the winter semester 2018/19

All courses, seminars and colloquia that are held within the framework of the HGSFP are listed. ... read more.

Supervision guidelines

What can one expect as a graduate student? ... read more.


Doctoral students can tutor in theoretical physics, experimental physics or astronomy. ... read more.

Student Meetings

Organisation of the students by the students takes place whenever necessary. ... read more.

Financial aid offered through the HGSFP

The Graduate School offers financial aid for several aspects of graduate study ... read more.

Financial aid from the Graduate School in support of female students and family support

A financial support programme is in place for female doctoral students of the Graduate School ... read more.

Financial aid offered through the Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy is offering financial aid for travel and for the final period of study for graduate students. ... read more.

Final Examination Forms

It is the onus of each student to register for the final examination ... read more.