Heidelberg University

Financial aid offered through the HGSFP

The Graduate School offers financial aid for several aspects of graduate study

All graduate students of the HGSFP are entitled to apply for funding for the following:

  • Soft skills courses - usually run by the Graduate Academy, but also offered by the HGSFP in the bi-annual Graduate Days
  • Participation in a summer or winter school
  • Exchange studentship at a partner institute of the HGSFP

The Directorate may, at its discretion, fund other student activities. Before applying for such, we request that you contact the student representatives of the Graduate School, who may integrate your request into the student project plan for which a specific amount of funds is reserved annually.

Please note that we cannot fund attendance of conference visits, workshops or other scientific meetings of this kind. However you can apply to the Graduate Academy for support of this kind, see the information: Financial aid - Graduate Academy and the associated link.

Should you wish to apply for support as listed above - or any other forms of support required - please fill out the form that you will find on our internal pages, and note the regulations that you will find there. A link has been placed in the right hand box for your convenience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Funding can only be granted until the 31st December, 2018, as the funding of Graduate Schools by the Excellence Initiative falls away after this date!